Looking after your most important asset

Staff are the lifeblood of any business; without them companies simply could not function. So it makes sense to look after their health, safety and wellbeing while they are carrying out their duties, especially when they work alone.Solitary working carries risks. Whether the job is a solo affair with no outside contact or involves a single worker interacting with customers or patients, staff need protection. Injuries at work can be costly and damaging, both to the employee and employer and it is in everyone’s best interests to minimise the risks.

SoloTraxx by BlueSky Wireless is designed to protect and alert. For example: should a worker suffer an accident while alone in a large factory or office complex who will call for help? Likewise, if a solo worker managing a reception area or hospital ward is abused or attacked they need a way to call for immediate assistance. SoloTraxx monitors lone workers and automatically sounds the alarm if there is a problem.

Lone but not alone

Lone workers don’t need to be alone. Provide them with a smartphone, mobile, DeCT or WiFi phone and they can have SoloTraxx at their side, constantly on duty to protect their interests should something go wrong.At the start of each shift the worker simply logs on to the system to activate SoloTraxx, which will then keep track of them at all times. At intervals during the working shift the worker will be expected to enter a three button key press to acknowledge that all is well.

Should the lone worker be compromised and fail to keep in touch, SoloTraxx will initiate a request for contact; if there is no response after a number of tries then the system will automatically send an alarm to the ‘man down team’ with details of who is out of touch and their last known location.

On the other hand, if the lone worker needs urgent help a three button sequence on the handset will alert the system to send an alarm to the ‘man down team’, again with details of who needs assistance and their last known location.

No need for new equipment

One major advantage of choosing SoloTraxx is that it works through your existing technology, meaning you don’t have to purchase new equipment. The software sits on a dedicated server installed on your network and you can use standard wireless telephones, with no additional software, while client workstations simply require access to a standard web browser.

Why choose SoloTraxx

Proven, off the shelf solutions using future proofed technology can easily be adapted to suit your particular circumstances, giving you savings both on investment and on-going maintenance. As the BlueSky SoloTraxx solution uses standard IP telephones, which can be used for all aspects of your business, there is no need for extra equipment and you can utilise the wireless backbone for other devices such as Laptops, PCs, Portable Data Terminals, PDAs (portable digital assistants), CNC Equipment, Printers and CCTV.