Getting the message across

A messaging system is only as good as the end result of the process. While the software may be able to read any number of warning messages at one time, if it can’t pass each warning on to the correct person then it is a waste of time and money.

The system also needs to be able to read and pass on messages via a variety of hardware and software, some of which may not be compatible. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to scrap your existing systems and start again from scratch. There is one solution which can bring together all your current hardware and software and teach them to communicate with each other.

BlueSky Wireless have developed simple messaging systems which can collate any number of warning messages and deliver them by text, voice, Skype or email to the relevant first point of call. If that recipient isn’t available to handle the message then the BlueSky system will automatically redirect the call to the next person in line until it is picked up and actioned.

There are three levels of messaging solutions available, depending on the number of end users in the company:

  • Lite
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Each is based on the core BlueSky Application Gateway which includes web administration and user consoles, back-up and restore, paging, WiFi and Dect phone modules, escalation monitor, message filters and a lost and found monitor.

These features work together to understand and collate the information being passed into the system and disseminate it to the relevant person or department in a matter of seconds from start to finish.

Lite Messaging

Designed for organisations with 5-20 end users, Lite Messaging includes all of the above plus one of the following:

Security Alarm Messaging A highly affordable, simple plug in and connect solution keeping installation, configuration and user training time to a minimum. Designed to work with major security alarm panel manufacturers systems but can be adapted to any bespoke alarms at no extra cost. Fire Alarm Messaging Similar to the security alarm package it connects to your existing fire alarm panel and monitors the outputs. It works with all major fire alarm manufacturers equipment or can be adapted for any bespoke system at no extra cost. Installation and on-going maintenance are simple and the messaging gateway offers great value for money. Nurse Call Module In medical situations patient calls are the priority for any health worker. Nurse Call allows staff to stay mobile on a ward or several wards without having to return to the nurse station for details of the next patient request. This speeds up reaction times and gives added reassurance to patients.

Professional Messaging

Moving up the scale the Professional Messaging solution caters for companies and organisations with 10-1,000 end users. With all the attributes of Lite Messaging, the Professional system offers a choice of up to 10 additional inputs, including our acclaimed BlueSky SoloTraxx lone worker safety system.

Enterprise Messaging

Our top of the range messaging solution starts at Professional level but includes any or all of the additional modules available, used across a single or multiple sites for full flexibility and coverage. The software can operate with up to 20,000 end users and handle a wide variety of inputs including fire alarms, security systems and SoloTraxx.

For Professional and Enterprise Messaging solutions, see a list of all the inputs available here (link to additional modules page). If you can’t find a specific function you require please ask as we may be able to develop one for you.

BlueSky Wireless technology has been created to bolt on your existing systems, making them more efficient and user friendly while keeping costs down to a minimum. With shorter reaction times from the system, productivity will increase and your staff will notice the improvement to their working lives.