BlueSky Wireless

BlueSky Wireless Ltd and associated Trading Names, including SoloTraxx.


A registered user of BlueSky Wireless Ltd., with access to view their own data stored by BlueSky Wireless online.


You as a specific user.

Privacy and personal information

BlueSky Wireless respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. That is why BlueSky Wireless have adopted this Privacy Policy, which lets you know how your personal information is processed and used.

Your personal data held by BlueSky Wireless is not disclosed to any other companies or third parties. It is used by BlueSky Wireless to contact you regarding your business transactions with BlueSky Wireless, and also to inform you of new products which may be relevant to you.

Most data which BlueSky Wireless stores about you is held on an offline Customer Relationship Management package. This is not accessible via the Internet, and is held securely at BlueSky Wireless’s head office.

To view your data which is stored online, BlueSky Wireless provides you with access through the web-link which is sent to you upon joining the BlueSky Wireless mailing list. The web page you access also allows you to remove yourself permanently from the BlueSky Wireless mailing list. Security

BlueSky Wireless takes appropriate care to ensure that nobody other than you and BlueSky Wireless has access to your online data. This is in the form of validating your username against an access password, which is mathematically encrypted. BlueSky Wireless also endeavours to prevent you from accessing other users data.

No offline data is physically available to users outside of BlueSky Wireless’s premises, although you may request to see your offline data as described below. This includes the information which BlueSky Wireless collect from you verbally or in writing, including postal code and telephone numbers.

Data Protection

If you do not have access to the Internet, then you can request to see a copy of your data for a cost of £10, as stated in the Data Protection Act 1984.

If your data is incorrect, you can contact BlueSky Wireless and submit the necessary corrections.

Terms and Conditions

As a user on BlueSky Wireless’s web site, you agree not to reverse engineer the system. This includes (but not exclusively) obtaining data which may belong to other users.