This new leading-edge advanced technology works by tracking the regular routes made by your security team, and ensures that the route is being properly adhered to at all times. It does this through a series of regular and unobtrusive QR checkpoints.

RouteTraxx establishes clear traceability, accountability and audit trail

The RouteTraxx checkpoints are geo-tagged, so you can rest assured that your security personnel are covering their designated routes in real-time. Our RouteTraxx technology ensures maximum efficiency from your entire security team. Using the web app, you’re able to see your users location route(s) in real time. This extends to showing the users route(s) for specific rounds. This can be especially useful for checking completion times, progress and monitoring the location of users.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

RouteTraxx provides the ability to:

  • Generate QR location code labels which will placed in various locations around your workplace
  • Print new QR code labels
  • Audit log of label prints to track which user has printed new labels
  • Reporting the daily location of logged in users
  • Show users location route(s) for particular rounds
  • Show progress of live route(s)
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

QR codes

We provide the ability to print and generate new QR codes when requested which can be placed at various locations around your workplace. Each label is a direct link to our web app which will include a location GUID to monitor the location and progress of a users round.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.


Users will first login to the web app and scan a QR code in a location. This will then show the user the next location in the round, continuing until the round has finished. The user will be able to scan the login card at any time to check the progress of a route if they are already on one.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.


The comprehensive reporting module within the system assists security personnel in recording incidents, logging any damage and any other problems of note they encounter, allowing for management or emergency teams to respond quickly and effectively when needed.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Audit logging

For peace of mind, the web app will have a page to display actions taken on the web app on a per user basis. This will provide insight to QR printing, location deletions and download events.

You’re on the right path with RouteTraxx!

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