Fire Alarm Response

Fire Alarm Response is cutting-edge technology from Blue Sky Wireless. This new safety-focused system helps to drive greater efficiency in hotel and hospitality businesses, as it protects everyone on site from the effects of a fire emergency.

Fire Alarm Response without any inconvenience to guests

One of the key benefits of Fire Alarm Response is that, in most cases, your guests will never even be aware that a fire alarm event has happened at all! The reason for this is when the Blue Sky system sends out a warning alert of a potential fire, it allows your professionally trained fire-aware response team to handle situations with discretion, therefore only needing to disrupt your guests’ experience when totally necessary.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Why Fire Alarm Response?

This unique and powerful system immediately alerts pre-designated fire runners and situation managers to react, and de-escalate or escalate the situation according to what is discovered.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Reduce unnecessary costs

As commercial buildings can now be charged for fire-brigade attendance, the Fire Alarm Response system avoids hotels and hospitality venues from shouldering unnecessary costs and disgruntled guests for false fire alarms.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Proportionate response

Naturally, if a fire emergency is discovered, your team can respond calmly, quickly and safely, protecting the welfare of your guests, your staff and your property. The crucial factor with Fire Alarm Response is that you are controlling and managing the situation fully.

Fire Alarm Response puts you in control

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