BlueSky Communicator

The BlueSky Communicator app integrates Android and iOS devices into the BlueSky Messaging System, allowing them to both receive and send messages and more.

The BlueSky Communicator app delivers time critical push notifications to first responders across a wide range of applications from healthcare to security, ensuring potential life threatening situations are dealt with immediately.

The intelligent functionality of BlueSky Communicator is such that it is able to communicate vital messages to smartphones regardless of how each individual phone is set up. It integrates with other alarm and device modules on the BlueSky Messaging System to deliver both text and speech messages. Users are notified of received messages via a ringtone and vibration, which can optionally override silent or ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings on the phone, depending upon the priority of the message. Alerts can also ring persistently until the user reads the message to ensure critical alarms are handled urgently. Users may also use the BlueSky Communicator app to send messages to other users or groups on the BlueSky Messaging System, thus ensuring lines of communication can be updated as situations develop and teams can work collaboratively in pursuit of a solution.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

BlueSky Communicator supports the following features:

  • Receive both text and speech messages
  • Communicate directly with your on-site BlueSky Messaging System or through the cloud when working off-site
  • Send both text and speech messages to other endpoints on the BlueSky Messaging System
  • Receive and view message attachments such as images, excel files, and more
  • Login/logout functionality on devices so a single user can login to multiple devices and receive messages on them all
  • Full administrator control through Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration options

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BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

BlueSky Communicator keeps you connected at all times

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