From a warehouse stock management system to a warning alert on a fire door; from a shop lifter alarm to a fridge temperature alert, the integrated software alerts the appropriate people.
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Converting information into sales

The more information your staff have to hand, the easier they will find it to convert an enquiry into a sale. When the information feed works through existing telephone, WiFi and network equipment it is invisible to customers and the end result will be a smooth sales process with fast and effective staff reactions and responses. BlueSky Wireless have developed a messaging service that seamlessly integrates with your existing communication systems to bring order and direction, whatever the enquiry. It can be used for stock management, identifying shop lifters and monitoring alarms without your customers being aware that it exists.

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BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
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Shoplifting is a major issue for any retail outlet and streamlining the process between spotting potential offenders and alerting security staff will make apprehension more likely. Whether the alert comes from CCTV or personal sighting, getting staff to the scene as soon as possible can be achieved with our integrated messaging service, directed to existing personal communication devices.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm evacuations cost time and time costs money so having the ability to investigate a warning before making the decision of whether you need to clear the premises or not is a vital tool. Advance warnings of fire or door security can be sent to decision makers via text, pager or voice alert on their personal telephone receivers or smart phones and save vital minutes in the evaluation process.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Lone Workers

Lone workers can be particularly vulnerable in retail outlets, particularly during the hours of darkness. Our SoloTraxx system provides welcome protection by interacting with the lone worker at regular intervals; should communication cease the system instantly sends a message to the nearest security responder for immediate investigation.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.


Communication between managers and staff, with a well recorded audit trail, improves productivity by delivering messages and requests to the relevant people in real time. Should a staff member be unable to respond to a request for any reason the system can be programmed to forward the message to the next dedicated responder.

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Flexibility is built in to all our platforms which are designed to interact with a wide variety of core existing messaging systems but allow up scaling when and where necessary. This lets you add or upgrade any module including CCTV, fire alarms, point of sale, intrusion detection and warehouse systems.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

BlueSky Wireless Technology

BlueSky Wireless retail platforms were initially devised using the shop floor experience of the company’s founder. Our aim was to devise a cost effective and flexible system which would improve the customer experience, save time for staff and improve store security; our customers tell us we succeeded.

Ensuring a smooth sales process

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