BlueSky Wireless – the perfect host

Your guests needs, wishes and safety are paramount. While your aim is always to provide a calm and serene atmosphere front of house you may have a hundred and one things that need your attention behind the scenes.

Balancing the two can be a challenge so anything that makes your staff’s life easier in turn makes life more enjoyable for your guests as their demands can be met faster and more efficiently.

BlueSky Wireless create intelligent systems that bring together disparate equipment to make them work in harmony. From a call bell in a guest suite to a warning alert on a fire door; from a lone worker alarm to an unplanned temperature change on a refrigerator, the integrated software alerts the appropriate person of the need for immediate action.

Integrated Front of House systems

Keeping guests and staff safe and secure is the number one priority for any hospitality venue. Yet making it too obvious can be very off putting for your visitors. Using discreet forms of communications ensures your staff are in control at all times and can present a calm and relaxed face to the world.

Whether calling a porter, requesting room service or handling check-in and check-out, your staff can message directly into the system and be sure the intended recipient will be alerted instantaneously.

Intelligent Facilities Management

Lone workers are always vulnerable; that’s why we developed SoloTraxx, a tracking system with the capability of detecting an emergency through positive or negative interactions. Should they need help at any time lone workers know that the system will immediately alert the emergency response team with details of where the last contact was made.

Housekeeping is simplified when the various existing call systems between guests and staff are brought together to provide a seamless response. Reaction times are reduced and service is visibly improved.

Food hygiene is maintained at all times by temperature sensors that monitor fridges, freezers, cellar and food preparation areas, sending immediate alerts to the relevant responders via text, desktop, email and remote handsets.

Safety and security are maintained by monitoring alert and fire alarm systems, reacting to change with immediate messaging to the relevant staff member or electronic override for instant action.

Reception areas flow more smoothly when staff and IT systems work in harmony. An alert from housekeeping staff as soon as a room becomes ready or a guest leaves their room can ensure paperwork is available as soon as the guest requests it.

BlueSky Wireless technology is designed to bolt on to your existing systems, keeping costs down, while making them more efficient and user friendly. Your staff will quickly see and appreciate the difference; your guests will simply experience service they expect and deserve.