From a patient call system to a warning alert on a fire door; from a lone worker alarm to an emergency call alert, the integrated software alerts the appropriate people.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Cost efficient integrations

Funding constraints mean the money is not available to scrap the existing arrangements and start again. That’s why the BlueSky Wireless solution works with existing technology, machinery and staff to provide a cost-efficient, integrated resolution to the problem.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.
BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Reception Areas

Reception areas are busy places where it is all too easy for patients and visitors to be overlooked or get lost. Connecting your different systems together using our integrated wireless system allows you to track patients from clinic to x-ray to consulting room to ward.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Accident & Emergency

Accident & Emergency is a prime area for the BlueSky Wireless solution. When an emergency occurs nursing staff can be alerted, specialists called and porters put on standby, all with one simple mobile command. Integrated with existing systems our software solution allows additional features to be added at any time, helping you to keep up with advancements in technology.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Ward Care

Ward care is another area where intelligent programming can improve nurse and patient calls. When a call button is pressed the message will go immediately to the nurse responsible for that patient; if they are not available they can reject the call and it will automatically be redirected to the next nurse in line, until the call is accepted. Management can also be alerted to a potential staff shortage if the delay in finding help is too long.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Facilities Management

Patient transport to and from and within the hospital can be disjointed for the patient. Failure of the various systems to talk to each other often results in a patient being left to sit in a discharge area while transport is found. We can connect the various call systems in such a way that they will alert each other to provide the most sensible solution to the problem.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is extremely important. Lone workers are vulnerable; connected to BlueSky Wireless SoloTraxx they are covered by a sophisticated monitoring system which can call for help if needed. Door and fire alarms can silently alert staff when there is a potential problem, allowing time for checking before deciding on the next step.

BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

BlueSky Wireless Technology

With BlueSky Wireless technology there is no need to purchase completely new systems when you can combine your existing ones into a formidable working package. Our messaging systems offer advanced bolt-on technology which make your existing structures more efficient while keeping your capital costs down.

Reliable alerts you can count on

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