BlueSky Wireless – improving communications

The education system is stretched and many teachers can be working alone in classrooms some distance away from the main administration centre. Should an emergency arise it can be difficult to get an urgent message to the right people.

Discreet and seamless communications between members of staff are a vital aspect of teacher and pupil safety and security. However, all too often the many different devices used for communication on a campus are unable to talk to one another and getting an intelligent response to an issue can take time.

BlueSky Wireless have developed a messaging system that bolts on to the many and varied existing hardware systems and brings them together to communicate with each other in real time. PCs, pagers, smart phones, dect devices, CCTV and IP cameras can be linked to work together as a team to the advantage of all.

Teacher protection

Our automated teacher protection system is designed to react to any potentially hostile events, automatically recording real time actions with an IP camera fitted in every classroom and public area. At the same time it sends a silent alert to the nearest networked PC screens so that assistance can be called without delay or provocation.

Staff activate the system by simply pressing the call button on their handset without trying to dial a number. The software will automatically alert nearby personnel and the output from the IP camera will be displayed on each connected PC screen while at the same time being recorded onto hard disk for evidential purposes.


Reliable communication is vital to ensure that campus staff are made of aware of upcoming events and security issues. Text messages can be sent to wireless telephones and smart phones from any networked PC, providing a discreet method of communication from the main office to the classroom.

Non-emergency messages can be scheduled to appear during break times to prevent disruption to teaching sessions. Broadcast messages to teachers and administrative staff can be sent simultaneously to all members of staff or just a selected few. These can be designated as alarms or silent delivery, as required.


Fire and intruder alarms will automatically alert the appropriate responders allowing them to check the situation before making decisions about containment or evacuation. Doors and gates can be locked remotely by the system and critical alarms are set to require an acknowledgment or cancellation.

Security privileges can be set for each individual, granting or restricting access to student information and nominating personnel as immediate responders for designated issues. Most importantly, the system is configured in such a way that it cannot be hacked so information will always remain strictly on a need to know basis.

All of the above is included in a bolt on system by BlueSky Wireless that takes into account existing hardware and software and works to ensure they talk to each other in a user friendly manner. This helps to keep costs down as there is no need to buy additional expensive hardware.