BlueSky Wireless Ltd.

Our Partnership

With a Long history in both telephony and messaging solutions ICON understand the need for a partner centric value adding approach to distribution. This ethos is never clearer than when we provide BlueSky Wireless solutions and services, which results in our partners having greater success as well as the best solution possible for the end user. Adding value is often a small thing that makes a big difference to our partners success and this means everything to ICON and BlueSky Wireless.

Carefully Chosen

ICON believe that a product sold well is appreciated by all parties; end customers, our partner's, our manufacturers and ourselves. ICON account managers are key to adding specialist knowledge to the sales process that help ensure each sale is just right. ICON are a focused distributor and don't distribute any product. Solutions like BlueSky Wireless are carefully chosen based on the quality of solution and the fit within our core skill set of "Communications" and "Wireless".