The BlueSky Messaging System was originally conceived to fulfill the needs of many retailers, with several of our staff having been employed in the retail industry over the years. In fact Derek our founder was a store manager for Woolworth’s before setting up his first business. Their combined experiences have been invaluable in shaping the design of this product.

Our objectives were to devise a cost effective and flexible system which would improve customer delight, be time saving for the staff and improve store security.

With seamless integration with your WiFi, Network, telephone system and more, everyone will benefit from the BlueSky Messaging System in all aspects of running your store.

Customer Satisfaction

It is well known that satisfied customers spend more money than dissatisfied ones. Our system can help to improve the shopping environment in several ways. By providing real time discreet information to the staff who need it most, retail assistants can react quickly and effectively to customer demands.


Our system provide the means to improve communications between managers and staff, by delivering targeted messages and requests instantly. Every message, alarm and response is recorded to help improve traceability and accountability.


Crime of many sorts is a drain on profit in one way or another for all retailers. By providing interfaces to Fire and intruder alarm system we can help you look after your investment in stock, staff and property.

Our system can interface with your CCTV system to trigger and target criminals in action without exposing your staff to danger.


The BlueSky Messaging System when used with VoWLAN telephones like those from SpectraLink can help you leverage more from you investment in WiFi technology. Our platform provides a scalable solution that can grow with your business.

Interface modules that can be added at any time include: fire alarms, point of sale, intrusion detection, CCTV and warehouse systems.