Sensor inputs from machinery can automatically send text messages to mechanics or teams of engineers. To minimise production downtime our location module allows a message to be sent automatically to the engineer nearest to the source of the problem.

In addition to improving productivity and by monitoring plant and machinery SoloTraxx can be used to monitor your lone workers and send alerts if personnel get into difficulty.


Improvements in mobility lead to improved productivity and reduced operating costs. Engineers can respond more efficiently as they do not have to run back and forth between production equipment, desk phones and computer terminals.Our system also records message delivery and staff responses and there locations to provide levels of traceability and accountability that might not have been possible with other systems.


With today’s litigation culture no company can afford to ignore safety. Many safety related features have been designed into our products.One key feature is lone worker protection SoloTraxx – our lone worker protection system can be deployed to protect your engineers, security personnel, janitors and many others.

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By providing interfaces to Fire and intruder alarm system we can help you look after your investment in stock, staff and property. Our system can interface with your CCTV system to trigger and get your response team into action without upsetting the entire workforce.


With the ability to contact managers and support staff instantly by text message, all staff can stay mobile.Messages can be delivered from virtually any system to a telephone handset, combining the features of a phone and pager into a single convenient unit. Alarms and information are provided in real time to the person who needs it most.


The BlueSky Messaging System was designed to be scalable from day one. It is comprised of a core system to which various building block components can be added as your needs or budget demand.Our system includes an application interface to allow integration with third party systems. As the business develops, new systems can be integrated with the BlueSky messaging server at very low cost. We have interfaces with HVAC, intruder alarms, CCTV, production systems and our site to site connector can enhance communications between various sites.

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