How can a unified messaging system help healthcare professionals?

We feel it best to walk you through how our system can work for you, rather than give you an endless list of jargon.

You will find scenarios where our system integrates with your existing systems, providing you with a high level view of how we can help you.

Let’s look at the initial points of entry into the hospital:

Main Reception & Ward Receptions

Patients need to feel safe, secure and looked after. Therefore efficiency and good communication are of vital importance. Bed allocation is normally a function of the property management system whilst taking patients to their allocated bed is either managed verbally or by the use of portering management systems.

Where BlueSky Wireless can help is in the way we can link systems together whereby they integrate one communication device, be it a Mobile VoIP handset, GSM Handset, or Vocera Tag this in turn can pass messages to and from the host systems. As a patient arrives they can be registered within the PMS for the bed allocation and porter request by the Portering System, the porter can then be requested by Message and advised by message which wing, ward, room and bed to take the patient to.

As the information can be bi-directional the porter can decide whether to accept or decline the request so that another available porter can fulfil the request. It is also worth noting that there are a number of standard messages that can be enunciated by the handset as well to aid message delivery.

Accident & Emergency

Patients entering the A & E may or may not be conscious and will be seeking medical attention as soon as is physically possible. Triage nurses and doctors need extremely good communication technology to assist them in doing their job effectively and efficiently. Utilising the existing PMS and PS systems and integrating our messaging solution will provide the ability to call on specific medical staff that are on duty is vital. Messages that hunt specific groups would be a useful messaging tool enabling consultants to accept or decline tasks based on their availability. Once the patient has been diagnosed or treated they are either discharged or admitted. If admitted portering can be requested via your PMS system as normal with the message request being forwarded to a group of porters.

Ward Care

Once the patient is comfortable on the ward, the existing nurse call system will manage the patient care request and physical attention requirements. As the BlueSky wireless system integrates with most major nurse call systems (NCS) any output from the system is forwarded to the available nurses allowing an optimum number of nurses on call for that ward, as with any of our systems the group message hunt can be applied enabling nurses to accept or decline requests, if declined this will forward the message to the next available nurse. It is also worth noting that emergency requests made by nurses can also be put into message hunt groups for the available medical staff. As we can integrate to any patient information management system (PIMS) any messages for drug issuing can also be handled by the messaging system.

Portering Within The Wards

Requests made by specific departments for example the X Ray department can be integrated into the PMS and Nurse Call systems so when a place is booked/scheduled the Specific Charge Nurse and porters can be requested to prepare the patient ready for transporting to the department for their treatment.

Now let’s take a look at the back Office aspect of your business, the things patients don’t see.

Facilities Management

Facilities management system, this is the system that you may already have in place. This system takes care of scheduling maintenance tasks, recording maintenance performed, electrical testing, asset management, emergency evacuation management, Temperature Monitoring (Food Hygiene Systems (FHS), blood bank, Morgue Monitoring even Gas monitoring systems, etc.. As our system can take the outputs from any system we can deal with almost any circumstance.

We can forward them onto the appropriate people/person based on rules that you have applied. So for example a maintenance request has been made, the message is forwarded to a an engineer the engineer then accepts the task, nothing more happens however if he rejected the task it would be forwarded to the next engineer and so on, this would keep circling the engineers until it is accepted.

There is also the option to set a maximum number of retries and when that number is hit an email can be sent the administrator, supervisor or management team informing them of potential resource issues.

Our system will also integrate to your existing heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) passing messages to the appropriate engineers.

It is worth noting that we can provide a basic ticketing system that allows authorised people to register ticket requests for tasks these could be for maintenance tasks or portering tasks, etc.

Fire Alarm integration

Our system already integrates to a vast number of fire panels, any outputs from the fire panel will automatically be forward to the appropriate people.

Security Alarm integration

If your existing security alarm system provides output again we can take these outputs apply your rules and forward the message to the appropriate people. These may be a breach of security door left open for longer than is allowed, panic button struck, the monitoring of a lone worker the list is endless.

Health and Safety Department

Lone Worker

Within the BlueSky Wireless portfolio we have SoloTraxx a lone worker tracking solution based on dect wireless, wireless VoIP or desktop handsets. The system enables lone workers to register on the system then be tracked as they work. The system is completely configurable with automated contact to each lone worker, if a worker does not respond then the system alerts members of the first aid designated response team. This is a very brief overview please see products for a more in depth review of the system.

In Review

As you can see, a hospital such as yours has many disparate systems and a unified messaging system can provide you with the user an end point to suit your needs which connects you to all of these systems.

What this means in reality is a significant return on investment and major future proofing as any new systems you may acquire or purchase in the future can be integrated into your existing BlueSky Wireless system at minimal cost.

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