The BlueSky Messaging System is ideally suited to the education market as it provides a low cost messaging platform for SpectraLink VoWLAN telephones.

BlueSky Wireless has been developing applications for WiFi VoWLAN since 2003. Examples of BlueSky’s solutions are: supporting lone workers with SoloTraxx, through to simple text messaging applications from SpectraLink handset to handset, web page to handset, and the delivery of fire alarm messages. The core of the system is built around message delivery with a number of low cost optional off the shelf plug-in modules available to configure the system to meet the school’s exact requirements.

Useful plug-ins for Education and Special Needs:

  • Paging – Send text messages from desktop phone to handset or handset to handset.
  • Group messaging
  • Message escalation
  • Fire alarm integration can help avoid evacuating the entire school where the use of a grace period is permitted.
  • Intruder alarm integration.
  • IPCCTV integration with 3rd party systems.
  • Basic low cost Video and Audio recorder.
  • Panic button.
  • Panic station module takes over the screen of a nominated safety monitor e.g. head teacher or receptionist
  • Secure web management
  • Fully Scalable from an easily affordable 5 user system up to enterprise capable 10,000 users per site
  • Site connector provides a link between sites
  • Email integration (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and SMTP)
  • GSM SMS Bridge
  • Plug and play – black box solution to simplify installation
  • Full secure private communications including text messaging, walkie talkie and standard telephone calls

The handsets can be be used by:

  • Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Security Staff
  • Administrators
  • School Nurse
  • Visiting Ofsted Personnel

These individuals can enjoy discreet internal communication, by voice or text.

Benefits Summary

  • Access to key personnel and real-time communication during an emergency eliminates delays associated with other communication technologies, reducing risk to the district.
  • Promotes and facilitates parent/teacher communication to improve student performance.
  • Real-time access to telephone communications allows educators to utilize their time more efficiently; increasing time available for teaching.
  • Full coverage including athletic fields, car parks, hallways and portables.
  • Discreet text messaging eliminates distractions from intercoms and messengers.
  • Push-to-talk capabilities for group calling in emergency situations
  • Scalable architecture to grow with your school or university campus.
  • No airtime or usage charges as in mobile phones, making purchase or lease a fixed cost.
  • Seamless integration with the existing telephone system protects the school’s investment.

Wireless telephone solutions are cost-effective way of enhancing the school’s existing infrastructure. For schools with a wireless LAN; moves, additions and changes are much less expensive, as is the infrastructure costs for new buildings or expansion projects. For some users the handset can be comparable to a digital wall phone with advanced features.