Our Automated Teacher Protection system is always ready to record potentially hostile events and provide silent alerts to the nearest computer screens so that assistance can be given without provoking the perpetrator.The system is triggered when a teacher presses the call button on the handset but does not start to dial an extension within a configurable period of time. When triggered the system automatically records sound from the handset and video from an IP camera onto the hard disk at the same time alerting nearby personnel by displaying the same video data stream to each computer screen in close proximity to the event.

Text Messaging

Messages can be sent to wireless telephones from any networked PC, providing discreet communication from the front office to the classroom.

Broadcast Messaging

Send text messages to teachers and administrative staff simultaneously announcing key events and security problems. Reduce intercom disruptions during class time.


Set security privileges to grant or restrict access to student information. Student problems are immediately sent to nominated key personnel discreetly.

Acknowledged Response

Critical alarms require an acknowledgement or cancellation.


Prevent non emergency messages (the days events or special reminders) from disrupting teaching sessions through scheduling.