What is SoloTraxx?

SoloTraxx is an automated Lone Worker monitoring solution that has been designed with existing customers. It has been tailored to the needs of both Health & Safety and IT departments.

The main monitoring system has been designed to run using web technology. SoloTraxx uses your existing computer network which will be extended to give you wireless coverage. This means that you simply use your web browser to view the staff welfare. For example you could be sitting in your office in London and over viewing safety for your site in Paris.

Why do you need lone worker protection?

Beside the obvious responsibility you have as a caring human being there is the legal aspect.

Put into simple terms, the threat of claims through injuries sustained at work is a serious concern to any organisation. As the person ultimately responsible for the safety of the workforce you know the pressure you and your company is under to provide a safe environment. Current legislation dictates that as an employer you are responsible for the safety of your workforce. Employees who work on their own are the most susceptible to serious injury. SoloTraxx is designed to minimise the response time to a lone worker incident.

What does SoloTraxx Do?

The lone worker simply carries a wireless telephone, and all they have to do at the start of their shift is log on using their employee number. From then on SoloTraxx knows where the lone worker is, to the nearest access point transmitter/receiver). At any time the lone worker can enter a 3-button key-press to acknowledge their well being. If the lone worker forgets then SoloTraxx will call them. If they respond then all is well. However if the lone worker does not respond then SoloTraxx retries a number of times. If the lone worker does not answer then an alarm is raised. SoloTraxx sends details of the alarm by text message and email to all members of the man-down response team. The alarm message contains details of who is in trouble and their last known location. You can also view the status monitor wirelessly on site using a PDA.

If the alarm was raised in a high-risk area then the email will include a hyperlink to live and recent network camera images.

What if the lone worker Gets into difficulty?

Providing the lone worker can physically work the telephone all they have to do is press 3 buttons (Start, Function, 9). An alarm is then raised automatically to the man-down response team. The condition and location of the telephone is continuously monitored by a watchdog system. If communication is lost with the telephone then the watchdog raises an alarm to the response team.

In the event of a fire alarm then an optional module to interface with your existing alarm system is available.

What is the advantage of using SoloTraxx?

The advantage of this system is its simplicity to configure and use.

SoloTraxx is simple to support and maintain as all software resides on the SoloTraxx server, which would be installed on your existing network. The wireless telephones do not require any additional software to be loaded, nor do the client workstations that wish to monitor the lone workers: a standard web browser is all you need.

SoloTraxx is based on standard off the shelf technology. All you need is an existing TCP/IP network and an existing PBX telephone system.

Our dedicated team work with your IT department to extend your wired network to add the wireless infrastructure that is required to communicate with the wireless telephones.

Why should you choose SoloTraxx?

The infrastructure technology is future proofed; you will not be investing in old technology from the start, as may be the case with other solutions.

You can utilise the wireless backbone for other devices such as Laptops, PCs, Portable Data Terminals, PDAs (portable digital assistants), CNC Equipment, Printers and CCTV.

Plus do not forget that wireless telephones can emulate a vast array of PBX systems, enhancing potentially an existing system: at the end of the day the SoloTraxx handset is a standard wireless IP telephone.

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