Messaging System

At the heart and centre of our product offering is our flagship product – The BlueSky Application Gateway.


The basic function of the BlueSky Messaging System is to deliver text and enunciated messages to various end points. An end point can be a GSM, WiFi, Dect or Desk Phones, email recipient, Skype or Windows Live recipients and more.

What makes the BlueSky messaging system different is that it can integrate with existing systems to deliver a completely unified messaging solution. The system can be scaled to fit any business from small 5 user systems to large 10,000 plus user systems.

Messaging Core Components

The following components go to make the core of the messaging system. They are common in all BlueSky Messaging Systems – The appropriate phone user interface will be installed prior to delivery.

Web Messenger Paging

Users with access to the web browser can send messages to any handset on the system removing the need to have a separate paging system.

Virtual Keypad/Call point

With a single click users with access to the web browser can use the virtual keypad which can be used to send messages to any end point or group of endpoints on the system. E.G security alert, queue buster or comfort break.

Web User Console

The web console is accessed via a web browser; it is where uses can manage their own message inbox and sent items just like a web mail system. Standard users can manage their password, access help and view simple reports. Super users can do everything a standard user can do as well as manage users and simple groups.

Web Administration Console

Using a web browser an administrator can manage, users, groups, and escalation sets. They can configure message templates, IP settings for the various Ethernet ports, uses IP tools e.g. Ping and shut the systems down. Administrators can also manage the real world interface e.g. Fire alarms, WiFi telephones, email and more depending on what is installed on the system. A comprehensive set of reports, graphs and export tools are available along with a complete set of online manuals

Web Backup and restore console

Accessed via a web browser the backup and restore console allows administrators to backup and restore the system via an FTP server.

WiFi Phone Module

The WiFi phone module interfaces with various WiFi VoIP handsets on the market and enables the phone to be used to receive and deliver messages.

Dect Phone Module

The Dect phone module interfaces with various Dect handsets on the market and enables the phone to be used to receive and deliver messages.

BlueSky Application Interface

The Open Interface provides a simple TCP link for connection to additional systems maintained by the end user or a third party. A single client license for the BlueSky Open Interface is available free of charge.

Escalation monitor

Escalation groups guarantee a response, if all the recipients in the first escalation group reject the message then it is immediately escalated to the next group of handsets or by email or many other end points to a central administrator.

Message Filter

The message filter module can be programmed to block rapidly recurring alarm and event messages to reduce alarm “snow” and false positives. Messages that are blocked are temporally stored in a trash folder which is accessible to super users and administrator. The trash message folder is cleared of all messages older than one month.

Lost And Found Monitor

When an endpoint is unavailable the lost and found monitor will repeatedly attempt to contact the missing endpoint until it is either found or the system times out.

There are a large number of additional modules, that when requested are simply installed, configured and switched on remotely.

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