Inbox The user can manage their inbox from the handset and through the simple
web interface. Users can view message contents, send time, sender and
read time. Messages can be deleted after being viewed.
Web interface Any user can manage their inbox, write messages or review sent items.
The web interface provides access from any PC, PDA, Mac or Linux
computer with a web browser. The system can be accessed from anywhere
on your LAN, WAN, intranet or VPN.
Write message Users can write and send messages from one handset to another handset.
Paging Users with access to the web browser can send messages to any handset
on the system removing the need to have a separate paging system.
Sent Items Any user on the system can review sent messages with the web interface.
Users can see when a message was sent, who sent it and when they read
User levels There are two user levels: standard user and administrator.
Preset messages The user can insert any message templates setup by the administrator
User administration Additional web interface menus are included for the administrator to
configure and maintain users, handsets and message templates
Archiving All messages are archived for security. Archives can only be accessed by an administrator.
Future proofing The messaging solution is very flexible and can interface to many other
systems including: fire alarms, plant monitoring, security systems and
Connectivity BlueSky Messaging System interfaces to a wide range of market leading
IP and digital telephone installations The system is also compatible
with legacy analogue telephone equipment.
Integration Retail Stock check, Health care nurse call, Manufacturing machine
status monitoring, Hospitality—Front of house and customer care